Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

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The Two-Factor Authenticationalso known as two-factor authentication, increases the security of your account through an additional level of security. To log in, enter your password and a code that will be sent to your smartphone.

Step 1

Download the FreeOTP authentication app to your smartphone.
Download: iOS, Android

Step 2

In 1&1 IONOS, open the Set up 2-factor authentication page.

step 3

If necessary, enter your password again under Protected Area and click on Confirm.

Step 4

On the following page, click Set up 2-factor authentication.

Step 5

Scan the QR code with the FreeOTP app.

Step 6

On the 2 Factor Authentication page, click Confirm.

Step 7

Enter the 6-digit code from FreeOTP in the Enter Code box and click Confirm.

Step 8

Important:Make a note of the recovery code and keep it in a safe place.

If you don't have your phone handy, you can access the 1&1 IONOS or the Contract Service with this recovery code. However, this requires a subsequent re-installation of the Two-Factor Authentication. Learn more about

They've Two-Factor Authentication successfully activated it.