Where Can I Find My Customer ID?

If your Customer ID is not easily accessible and you need to sign in to your account, you could alternatively use a domain name registered under your account or your contact email address associated with your IONOS account.

To find your IONOS Customer ID, the easiest way is to look in an e-mail you have received from us. For example, your IONOS Customer ID can be found in your order confirmation email, as well as, in your current invoice email. Simply scroll down to the end of each email.

You can find your account number in the following places

  • Email from 1&1 IONOS: Following your order, you received a confirmation email from IONOS. You'll find your IONOS Customer ID at the end of each email.
  • Invoice: On your monthly IONOS invoice, you will find your Customer ID at the top-right, under the invoice date.
  • Method of Payment Receipt: Visit your credit card or PayPal transaction overview. Your Customer ID will be listed in the transaction text for each payment to IONOS.

If you can log in to IONOS with a domain name or a IONOS user name, you can find your Customer ID in your customer area. Click on the user icon in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar. Your Customer ID is listed under your contact details.

Support from the IONOS customer service team

You can also contact our IONOS customer service, who will be happy to help you find your IONOS Customer ID.

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