Cancel Additional Items

In this article, we will show you how you can cancel individual contract components (additional features/items) using our Contract Service.

If you wish to cancel your entire contract, you should use these instructions instead.

With our Contract Service, you can cancel your contract or features conveniently online at any time. In addition, using this tool you will ensure that all of the required data, such as contract number and customer ID, is submitted with the cancellation.

Guided Steps
  • Log in to the Contract Service.
  • Select the contract containing the additional item you want to cancel. If you only have one contract, it will be selected automatically.
  • Under Cancel additional items, click Next.
    Please note: Before terminating an additional item, perform a complete backup of your data. For example, archive all your emails, back up the contents of your website via FTP, and, if applicable, your existing databases. Additionally, we recommend you make a list of all included email accounts and forwarding addresses.
  • Select the additional item, choose the required cancellation date (if applicable), and click Next.
  • Enter a reason for the cancellation so that we can continue improving our services and click Next.
  • Check if the correct additional item has been selected for cancellation and click Next.

You will then receive an email confirmation of your cancellation at the email address you provided to IONOS.