Overview of the User Interface

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Valid for List Local tariffs from September 2017

In this article we introduce the new interface and the various functionalities.

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First follow the installation wizard and create your profile.


If you use the mouse pointer to navigate over the info symbol, the special features of the corresponding function are explained.

Page: Overview

On this page you have an overview of your current profile data and the visibility of your company. Here you can check whether the information you entered is correctly transferred to the online directories and how often they are called up on the Internet.

You will also receive an overview of your customers' ratings and reactions to your company profile.

Page: Profile

On this page you can access the contents of your profile.

  • Under the menu item Base data you will find the information that you have entered in the installation wizard. You can edit and update them at any time.
  • Under Further Data you can enter links to your social media profiles and list the brands and services you offer.
  • Under Photos and Videos you can add your company logo, photos of your company and even a video. These media complement your company profile and improve your visibility.
Page: Entries

Here you see all online directories into which your company profile has been transferred. So you can always see in which directories and social networks your company is listed.

Page: Customer Feedback

Under this menu item you can view the feedback and ratings that your customers have given in various online directories. You have the option of filtering these entries according to directories or a specific period.

Please note:

In the List Local Pro version, you can respond to these ratings centrally and directly in all online directories.

Page: Publish

Share your marketing campaigns and news in social media and directories and post your company's news or promotions in online directories, on Facebook and on Google.

Please note:

Only some online directories allow messages or advertising offers to be published on company profiles. The contribution or the offer will therefore only be published on the directories that support this function.

Page: Settings

Select the desired language and enter when the email report should be sent to you: weekly, monthly or never.