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You want to adjust the budget of the Search Engine Marketing? We'll show you how.

Once your Search Engine Marketing is online, you can change your budget.

Please note:

The budget must be set at the latest 3-5 days before the end of the contract month in IONOS, otherwise the change will only be valid with the month after next.
Budget changes are only possible for full contract months.
The changes can also be made during a pause.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Online Marketing area, click on Search Engine Marketing.

Step 3

Click Settings > Adjust Budget.

Step 4

Adjust the monthly budget to your wishes and click Next.

Step 5
Please note:

A budget change from one of the three budget tab to another tab (for example, from 50-250 EUR to 250-1,000 EUR) always results in a change to a larger advertising package. This changes the processing fee and the contract period is extended, but the campaign remains in place.

In the selected example, the campaign is not upgraded due to a change in the budget. Confirm the change to the monthly budget by choosing Update campaign.