Creating Customers in the Partner Portal

To handle projects for your clients, such as setting up a website, you have to create the clients in the Partner Portal. Domains, contracts, and tasks can be assigned to them for easier project and order processing. This is especially helpful if you take over the administration of order-related IONOS products for your customers.

    Please Note

    The creation of a customer is mandatory for the use of the project management tools.

    Transferring Customer Data from Requests

    As soon as your partner profile has been registered by IONOS for the Partner Network, customers can write to you directly using the button Contact them now integrated there. These contacts are displayed centrally on the Requests tab in your Partner Portal.

    In the detailed view of a request, you can use the Add Customer button to use the specified data for a customer creation, or assign it to an existing customer. These requests are permanently assigned to the corresponding customer.

    Creating Customers Manually

    To create a customer in your Partner Portal:

    • If you have not already done so, log in to the Partner Portal.
    • Click on the Add customer button.
    • Fill in the fields in the data groups Personal information, Contact information, Addresses, and Other data. Then, finish your entry with the Save button.