Important information about servers and projects

To create projects with Managed Cloud Hosting you need a server. The server provides the necessary resources for your projects. Resource distribution is automatic. If there is no server in the Managed Cloud Hosting area, you can create this at any time when creating your first project. If a server already exists in the Managed Cloud Hosting area and you need additional servers, you have the following options for creating a server:

  • Create the server area Managed Cloud Hosting > Server.Afterwards, you can create a new project in Projects and assign it to the server.

  • Create a new project and select the Create a new server option to also create a server that provides the resources for the new project.

Customizing Resource Management

If required, you can manually customize resources assigned to each project. If your projects require a higher overall performance, you can increase the resources of your existing servers at any time by selecting a different configuration.