Overview: Cloud Panel (Managed Cloud Hosting)

The Cloud Panel is divided into the following sections:

Main menu:

The main menu gives you access to all sections of the Cloud Panel.

The following sections are listed in the main menu:

Managed Cloud Hosting

Server: In the Server section allows you to create and manage servers. When you activate a server, you will see both the server status and the resources and projects assigned to it.

Projects: In the Projects section lets you create and manage projects. When you activate a server, all information relevant for the particular project is displayed.


Logs: The Logs section logs all actions that users execute in the Cloud Panel.


Usage: In the usage section displays a table with the period of use for the servers you have set up.

Interactive invoice: In the Interactive invoice section, the costs of the most recent months are displayed graphically. In addition, you can view in this section the invoices of past months and the estimated costs of the current month.

The following links are also listed in the main menu:

Community: Link to the IONOS cloud community. The IONOS Cloud Community provides articles regarding basic topics and advanced tutorials (e.g. for WordPress, Docker, server settings, SSL certificates, SDK for our API, etc.).

Feedback: Link to the feedback section.

API: Link to the API documentation.

News: The news section contains current information and tips.

Section overview

The section overview shows all available items in a grid. Click an item to display additional details and to edit it.

Top Menu

The top menu lets you create and manage items within a section.


Clicking the help icon opens the help window. The help window displays help topics for the current section.