Creating a Project (Server Already Exists)

If you have already created a project server and possibly a project in the Managed Cloud Hosting area, proceed as follows to create a new project and, if necessary, a new project server:

  • You are in the Cloud Panel and you have already created a Server in the  Managed Cloud Hosting > server.

  • Log in to IONOS and click MENU then Server & Cloud.  If necessary, select the desired contract.

  • Click Create in the Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects section.

  • Enter the desired project name.

  • Select a project type.

Type Description
Pre-installed application Pre-installed applications contain a pre-installed version of the particular application. They are preconfigured and optimized for the particular application.
Custom stacks You can configure custom stacks as you wish. You can select script languages, frameworks, web servers and databases to meet your individual preferences and needs.
Please note

If you create a project with a pre-installed application, you are responsible for updating the application yourself.

To create a custom stack, you have to carry out the following additional steps:

  • Choose the web server.
  • Choose the script language.
  • Choose the database.
  • Select the project server on which you want to host your project. If you want to create a new project server to host your project, select the Create a project server... option. You can then select the desired configuration of the new project server.

  • Select the data center where you want to host the project server.

Please note

The shorter the geographical distance between your project servers and your users or visitors, the shorter the loading times will be. Therefore, we recommend selecting a IONOS data center that is located as close as possible to your users/visitors.

  • Click Create.