Creating a Server (Managed Cloud Hosting)

To create a server, proceed as follows:

Step 1

In the menu on the left, click Managed Cloud Hosting > Project Servers.

Step 2

Click Create.

Step 3

Enter a server name.

Step 4

Select the desired configuration for the server:

  • Fixed configurations: You can choose between several fixed configurations.

Please note:  Servers with a fixed configuration are offered at a discounted price.

Please note: If you switch off a server with a fixed configuration, charges are still incurred.

Flexible configuration: Click the package and then configure the server using the slider or the buttons  .

Please note: Once the server is created, the size of the hard disk can no longer be reduced.

Please note: If you create a server with a flexible configuration, the use of storage space, RAM and CPU is calculated to the minute.

Please note:  SSDs are charged by the amount allocated rather than actual usage.

Step 5

Select the desired data center.

Please note:  The shorter the geographical distance between your servers and your users or visitors, the shorter the loading times are. To optimize the loading time, we recommend selecting a IONOS data center that is located as close as possible to your users/visitors.

Step 6

Click Create.

The server will be created.