All servers that you have configured are listed in a table in the Managed Cloud Hosting > Project Servers section. This table lists the most important information for each server:

Name: The name assigned to the server. You can change the server name at any time.

Projects: The number of projects hosted on the server.

Status: The current server status.

  • Active: The server is running.

  • Disabled: The server is shut down.

  • Provisioning: The server is being set up. The progress is shown as a percentage.

  • Configuring: The server configuration is being adjusted.

  • Deleting: The server is being deleted

Type: Selected configuration

Data Center: IONOS data center where the server is hosted.

To display all data for a specific server, click the server name. The list includes the following additional information:

Description: A description of the server. You can change the description at any time.

Created on: The date when the server was set up.

Type: Selected configuration

  • CPU: The number of virtual central processing units (vCPU) configured for the server. The minimum CPU resources required for the hosted projects are also displayed.

  • RAM: RAM allocated to the server. The RAM required for the projects hosted on the server is also displayed.

  • SSD: Disk space allocated to the server. The current storage space used is also displayed.

  • Data center: IONOS data center where the server is hosted.

To reconfigure the server, click Upgrade.

To manage the resources of the projects hosted on the server, click Manage Resources.

The Projects section lists all projects hosted on the server.

To create a new project, click Create new project.

To search for a project, click .

The hosted projects are displayed in the tile view by default. The following information is displayed in this view:

Project name

URL: URL at which the project can be accessed.

Web: Web application, framework and script language that are installed in the stack.

Databases: Database that is installed in the stack.

To open the project details, click .

To change to the list view, click .

Please note: In the list view, only the project name and the URL are displayed.

To open project details while in the list view, click .