For Managed Cloud Hosting

You can use the PuTTY Key Generator to create a key pair on computers with Microsoft Windows as the operating system. This key pair consists of a Public Key and a Private Key. This is how you can create a key pair with the PuTTY Key Generator:


You have downloaded PuTTYgen.

  • Start PuTTY Key Generator.

  • In the Parameters section, select the encryption method SSH-RSA 2.

  • Enter the desired encryption strength in the field Number of bits in a generated key.

  • Optional: Enter a comment in the Key comment field.

  • Optional: Enter a password in the Key passphrase field and repeat it.

  • Click on Generate.

  • To generate the necessary random factor, swipe the mouse point back and forth in the free section of the dialog box.
    The key pair is created. 

  • In the field Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file, mark the public key.

  • Copy the public key to the clipboard.

  • Open the editor and insert the public key.

  • Save the file on your computer.

  • To save the private key, click Save private key.

Please Note

If the key pair is not password-protected, a security warning will be displayed.

  • Optional: Click Yes.

  • Select the file format .ppk and save the private key on your computer.