For Managed Cloud Hosting

This article explains how to enable SSH/SFTP access and how to set up additional users.

After setting up a project, SSH/SFTP access is disabled. To enable SSH/SFTP access, follow these steps:

Step 1

Log in to your Cloud Panel.

Step 2

In the Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects area, select the desired project and navigate to the Website tab.

step 3

In the SFTP/SSH Details area, click Disabled.

Step 4

Enter the desired password and repeat it in the following field.

Step 5

Optional: Copy the public key.

Step 6

Optional: Insert the public key in the Public Key field.

Step 7

Optional: Activate the Temporary user option.

Step 8

Optional: Specify the time of deletion.

Step 9

Click Activate.

SFTP/SSH access is activated.

After activating SFTP/SSH access, both the user information and the required server are displayed in the SFTP/SSH Details area:

  • Hostname: The host/server name to specify for SFTP/SSH connections.

  • Port: The port to specify for SFTP/SSH connections.

  • SFTP/SSH user: The user name to specify for SFTP/SSH connections.

  • Valid to: Shows when the user account is automatically deleted.

  • Public key: If you want to optionally use secure authentication using the public-key procedure, you can store the public key of your self-generated key pair here.

    Please note: Only keys of type SSH-2 RSA are supported!