Uploading Files via SFTP (FileZilla)

In this article, we will show you how to upload files using FileZilla over an SFTP connection.

FileZilla is a free server and client software for file transfer via FTP and SFTP. SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol (or Secure File Transfer Protocol) and is an encrypted alternative to FTP.


Step 1

Start FileZilla.

Step 2

Click File > Server Manager.

The FileZilla Server Manager opens.

Step 3

Click New Server to create a new server profile.

Step 4

Make the following entries in the General tab of the profile:

  • Server: Your SFTP/SSH hostname

  • Port: 22

  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH-File Transfer Protocol

  • Connection type: Since FileZilla stores the passwords in plain text, we recommend the setting Ask for password.

  • User: Your SFTP/SSH username

Step 5

Click Connect.

Step 6

If FileZilla does not know the server yet, you have to confirm the connection with OK.

The SFTP connection is established.

Step 7

As soon as you are connected to your web space, FileZilla shows you the directory tree of your computer on the left. On the right is the directory tree of your Web space.

You can now simply drag and drop your files into the desired directory on your web space.