Using Public Key Authentication to Establish an SSH Connection with PuTTY (Managed Cloud Hosting)

You can use PuTTY to establish an SSH connection with public key authentication as follows:


You have already created a project in the Cloud Panel.

You have downloaded PuTTY.

You have already created a public key.

You are in the Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects section.

Step 1

Select a project.

Step 2

On the Website tab, click   next to Status:.

Step 3

Enter the desired password and then enter it again in the next box.

Step 4

Copy the public key.

Step 5

Paste the public key in the Public key box.

Step 6

Click Activate.

Step 7

Start PuTTY.

Step 8

Enter your server's IP address in the Host name (or IP address) field.

Step 9

Go to Category > Connection and click Data.

Step 10

Enter your user name in the Auto-login username box.

Step 11

Go to Category > Connection > SSH and click Auth.

Step 12

Go to Private key file for authentication: and click Browse...

Step 13

Select the private key.

Step 14

Click Open to set up the SSH connection.

Please note: A warning message appears the first time you log in. Because the SSH server was previously unknown, PuTTY does not have the key stored.

Step 15

To allow the connection and save the key for future sessions, click Yes.

The SSH connection will be established.