Assigning an HTTP URL to a Project

If you wish to assign an HTTP URL to a project, you must first enter your project's public IP as an A record. The A record defines the IP address at which a domain can be reached. Once you have changed the A record, the domain will point to your project's webspace. You then have to assign the HTTP URL to the project. To assign an HTTP URL to a project, proceed as follows:


For Managed Cloud Hosting

You are in the Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects section.

Step 1

Select a project.

Step 2

The project's IP is listed under Website > External Access. Write down the IP.

Step 3

Click  in the upper section of the Cloud Panel.

Step 4

Click Control Panel.

The Control Panel opens.

Schritt 5

Click Manage domains in the Domains section.

The Domain Center opens.

Step 6

Click the line corresponding to the domain whose settings you wish to edit.

Step 7

Click Edit DNS Settings.

Step 8

Click the Other IP address radio button under "A/AAAA and CNAME Records" (also valid for Managed Cloud Hosting).

Step 9

Enter your project's public IP in the IPv4 Address box.

Step 10

Click Save.

The domain overview opens.

Step 11

Check the DNS settings.

Please note: In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours until the change takes effect globally.

Step 12

In the menu bar at the top, click .

Step 13

Click Cloud Panel.

Step 14

Click Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects.

Step 15

Select a project.

Step 16

Click Assign URL on the Website tab under URLs.

Step 17

Enter the desired URL in the URL: box.

Please note: You can also enter a URL that includes a path, for example,

Step 18

Click Assign URL.

The HTTP URL is now assigned to the project.