Assigning an HTTPS URL to a Project

If you wish to assign an HTTPS URL to a project, you must first enter your project's public IP as an A record. The A record defines the IP address at which a domain can be reached. Once you have changed the A record, the domain will point to your project's webspace. You then have to assign the HTTPS URL to the project. To assign an HTTPS URL to a project, proceed as follows:


For Managed Cloud Hosting

You are in the Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects section.

Step 1

Select a project.

Step 2

The project's IP is listed under Website > External Access. Write down the IP.

Step 3

Click   in the upper section of the Cloud Panel.

Step 4

Click Control Panel.

The Control Panel opens.

Step 5

Click Manage domains in the Domains section.

The Domain Center opens.

Step 6

Click the line corresponding to the domain whose settings you wish to edit.

Step 7

Click Edit DNS Settings.

Step 8

Click the Other IP address radio button under "A/AAAA and CNAME Records" (also valid for Managed Cloud Hosting).

Step 9

Enter your project's public IP in the IPv4 Address box.

Step 10

Click Save.

The domain overview opens.

Step 11

Check the DNS settings.

Please note: In some cases, it may take up to 72 hours until the change takes effect globally.

Step 12

In the menu bar at the top, click .

Step 13

Click Cloud Panel.

Step 14

Click Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects.

Step 15

Select a project.

Step 16

Click Assign URL on the Website tab under URLs.

Step 17

Enter the desired URL in the URL: box.

Please note: You can also enter a URL that includes a path, for example,

Step 18

Next to SSL Encryption, click Yes.

Step 19

Upload the SSL certificate, the intermediate certificate and the private key.

Step 20

Click Assign URL.

The HTTPS URL is now assigned to the project.