Install an SSL Certificate for Managed Cloud Hosting

To install the SSL certificate for your website, download the certificate files to the Cloud Panel.


You have the SSL Certificate, the Intermediate Certificate, and the Private Key.
Download the SSL Certificate (Public Key) and Intermediate Certificate

Step 1

Log in to your Cloud Panel.

Step 2

Click Managed Cloud Hosting > Projects.

Step 3

Select the desired project.

Step 4

On the Website tab, under URLs, click Assign URL.

Note: If you have already assigned a URL with your domain, you must first remove the URL and then reassign it.

Step 5

Enter the desired URL in the URL: field.

Step 6

Click Yes next to SSL Encryption.

Step 7

Upload the SSL Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, and Private Key.

Step 8

Click Assign URL.

Your website is now accessible using https (such as