Changing the Language of the Plesk Panel (Plesk Onyx)

On Cloud Servers, English is used as the default language for Plesk Onyx. To change the language of the Plesk panel, proceed as follows:


You have already configured Plesk Onyx.

You have selected the view Service Provider view in Plesk Onyx.

Step 1

Open a new tab in your browser.

Step 2

In the address bar, enter the IP address and the server port 8443 in the following format: https://123.456.78.90:8443

The message This is not a secure connection appears.

Step 3

Click Advanced.

Step 4

Click Go to YOUR IP ADDRESS (insecure).

Step 5

Log in to Plesk.

Step 6

In the left navigation bar, click Tools & Settings.

Step 7

In the Plesk Appearance section, click Languages.

Step 8

Check the box for your desired language.

Step 9

Click Make Default.

The language setting has been saved.

Prerequisites: The Plesk license that you received with the Cloud Server is a default Plesk license with one language plan. That means that the current language setting always automatically applies to every Plesk user.