Install SSL Certificate in Plesk

In this article you will learn how to secure a Plesk-managed website with an SSL certificate.

To set up an SSL certificate in Plesk, you need to add the SSL certificate to the domain and connect the website to your certificate.

  • Click on Domains in the navigation bar on the left.

  • Click on the desired domain.

  • Click on SSL/TLS Certificates.

The SSL/TLS Certificate for [domain name] page is displayed.

  • At the bottom of the page click on Manage, where Download or Remove existing Certificates is written.
  • Click on Add SSL/TLS Certificate

The Add SSL/TLS Certificate page is displayed.

  • Give the certificate a name.
  • Go to the Upload Certificate Files section and select the files for the Private Key, Certificate and CA Certificate (in this case the Intermediate Certificate) from your computer.
  • Click on Upload Certificate.

Connecting a Website with the SSL Certificate

After you have added the certificate, you can enable SSL/TLS support and connect the certificate to the website.

  • Click on Domains in the menu.

  • Select the domain. 

  • Click on Hosting Settings
  • Go to the Security section and make the following adjustments:

    Activate SSL/TLS support.
    Activate the option Permanent SEO-safe  301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.

  • In the Certificate area, select your SSL certificate.

  • Click Apply.

  • Click OK.

Your website is now accessible  at https://yourdomain.tld.