Plesk Login Cannot Be Accessed after Setting up a Linux Virtual Server

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For Virtual Server with Plesk

If you initialize a Virtual Server with Parallels Plesk Panel preinstalled, Plesk is not automatically active and the login page is not accessible. We show you how to start the Plesk service manually.

To start the Plesk service from the Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP):

Step 1

Log into your Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Step 2

In the navigation bar on the left under Container Services, click System Services.

step 3

Check the box at psa and click Start service.

Please note: If psa is not listed among the system services, the server was probably installed with a system image without Plesk preinstalled.
You can do this in your IONOS under Server Check Server Data. The operating system specified there must contain the addition Plesk or Parallels Plesk Panel. If this is not the case, you can reinitialize your server with an appropriate system image.

Please note: If you want Plesk to start automatically each time you restart, you can do this by clicking the Enable autostart button.