You can configure your backups individually in the Backup Console. Here it is possible to configure several backup plans for one server in order to map complex backup routines. To manage the backups of a server, you must install the Backup Agent on the desired server and register the server in the Backup Console. When you register a server in the backup console, a backup schedule is automatically set up to back up the entire server.

Change the configuration of a backup schedule as follows:

Activate the desired server and then click Backup. You can then change the settings of the backup plan.

Please note: The backup plan can only be changed after the first backup.

Backup source: In this area, you specify what is to be saved.

  • Entire machine: If you select this option, all disks, including partitioning, will be backed up. With this option, an entire system can be restored

  • Disks/Volumes: If you select the Disks/Volumes option, single or multiple disks/volumes you specify will be backed up.

  • Files/Folders: If you select the Files/Folders option, only certain files/folders you specify will be backed up.

Backup Destination: Specifies where backups should be stored. The backup destination cannot be configured.

Scheduling: In this section, you set the schedule for your backups.

  • On/Off: Use the On/Off buttons to switch the schedule on or off. If you turn off the schedule, you can only start backups manually.

  • Interval Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly: Select from different intervals and define when the backup should run. If you select the Hourly period, you can also enter minute intervals.

    Please note: For very short intervals, a backup operation may take longer than the set interval. If you select Monthly, you can specify a date range for the backup to run. If no date range is specified, the backup plan runs permanently.

Retention period: Specify how long you want your backups to be retained before they are deleted.

  • Cleanup After Backup Age: Specify how many months, weeks, days, and hours your backups should be retained after being performed. A back up is kept for each of these periods. To specify a value that applies to all back ups, click Switch to single rule for all back up sets.

  • Cleanup by number of back ups: Specifies how many back ups should be kept.

  • Purge back ups indefinitely: If you select the Keep clean-up back ups indefinitely option, the back ups will not be cleaned up. This option is not recommended.

  • Encryption: This setting cannot be changed for an existing back up plan. Create a new back up plan if you want to use different encryption settings.

To change other back up options, click Î > Back up Options. Detailed information on the options can be found here.

To configure additional back up plans for a desired server, click Add back up plan. You can then configure the additional back up plan.

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