Installing Adaptec RAID Controller Software

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For Linux Server with Adaptec Raid Controller

We show you how to install the Arcconf software on your Linux Server.

With the Arcconf software you can access your Adaptec RAID controller built into the server.

Before installing, check that your server has an Adaptec Raid Controller. Log in to your server via SSH and enter the command

lspci|grep RAID

one. You now see information about the controller used in your server. If it is an Adaptec Raid Controller, the following instructions will show you how to install the appropriate software.

Please note: The installation guide applies to CentOs 6.0 and 7.0 and all distributions that use the rpm package management. An aptitude (Debian/Ubuntu) package is also included in the archive. For information on how to install it using package management, see the documentation for your operating system.

Step 1

Log in to your Linux Server via SSH and download the software package for the controller. To do this, enter the following command:

Step 2

Unpack the archive with the command

tar xf asm_linux_x64_v7_30_18837.tgz 
step 3

Enter the following command:

rpm -i StorMan-7.30.esx86_64.rpm 

The software is now installed.

Step 4

Switch to the next screen by entering

cd /usr/StorMan/ 

into the directory with the newly installed software.

Step 5

Enter ./arcconf, you will now see information about the possibilities of the software arcconf.