Mount FTP Storage as Network Drive (Windows)

For Windows servers with IONOS FTP storage

This article explains how to set up the IONOS FTP Storage on your Windows Server as a network drive.

Since the IONOS backup servers are also accessible via NetBIOS (Windows network), they can be easily integrated via SMB protocol. The server images already contain corresponding IPSec filter rules. This means that you do not need to create any more filters here.

Mounting the IONOS FTP Storage on your Windows server as a network drive:

  • Log in to server.

  • Open Windows Explorer.

  • Click Network > MapNetwork Drive.

  • Select any drive letter under which the backup server should be accessible in the future, e.g.:

    As the folder, enter \\ then the full name of your backup server or its IP address, as well as the backup user name. The path should look something like this: \\\bak000 (or \\\\bak000) (without quotation marks!)

    Also enable the Restore connection on login option.

    Optionally, you can enter the user and password for the backup server at this point by clicking on another user name, otherwise you will be asked later.

    All necessary information such as backup server name, user and password can be found in your configuration menu under Server Management > Backup.

  • Click Finish to connect the drive.

    If the user name and password are correct, a new virtual drive appears on the server workstation under which you can access your backup storage.
    The drive can be used like a hard drive. However, the data is not stored on your server, but on the backup server.

Please Note

Data transfer between your server and the backup system (backup server) is not included in your monthly traffic quota, so it is free of charge for you. However, if you copy the backup files to another server, this traffic will be credited to you.