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For Dynamic Cloud Server

Learn how to take a snapshot of a Virtual Machine (VM).

The snapshot function allows you to save the state of the entire VM. If necessary, the VM can be reset to the saved state at any time.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the appropriate contract.

Step 2

In the Server section, click Server Administration.

Step 3

Now choose Administration > Snapshot.

Step 4

The snapshot overview opens. Click Snapshot below.

Please note: If the button is grayed out, please check if the VM has been stopped. The snapshot function can only be used when the VM is stopped. You can manage a maximum of 1 snapshot per VM. If an older snapshot already exists, it is necessary to overwrite it with Create new.

Step 5

Fill in the required fields and click on Create.

The snapshot is taken and the VM is now started automatically.