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For Dedicated Server

You can retrieve the access data to the 1&1 IONOS FTP storage server in 1&1 IONOS.

1&1 IONOS FTP storage is an optional backup storage space with FTP access on a 1&1 IONOS backup server.


You have ordered Server backup to your server.

Step 1

Log in to 1&1 IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

Click in the area Server on FTP Storage.

Step 3

You now get an overview of the configuration of the backup server. Here you will find the FTP server and user names.


Please note: For the first use it is necessary that you set an FTP password.

The FTP storage space for your server backup is only accessible within the 1&1 IONOS network infrastructure. For security reasons, connections from other PCs connected to the Internet (e.g. your home PC) are not possible.