Use Public Key Authentication to Establish an SSH Connection with PuTTY

How to use PuTTy to establish an SSH connection using public key authentication:


You entered the public key under Additional Settings > SSH Key when creating your Cloud Server.

  • Start PuTTY.

  • Enter the IP address of your Servers in the Hostname (or IP address) field.

  • Under Category > Connection, click Data.

  • Enter the username in the Auto-login username field.

  • Under Category > Connection > SSH, click Auth.

  • Find Private key file for authentication and click on Browse...

  • Select the Private Key.

  • To establish the SSH connection, click Open.

Please Note:

The first time you log in, a warning message appears. Since the SSH server was previously unknown, PuTTy does not have a key.

  • To allow the connection and save the key for future sessions, click Yes.

The key is verified and then the SSH connection is established.