An image is a backup copy of your server. You can recover your server by installing an image. You can also use an image to install an additional server. This clones the original server. A backup plan provides you with the option of having images created automatically at regular intervals. The relevant server cannot be processed while an image is being created.

Step 1

In the left menu, click Infrastructure > Images.

Step 2

At the top, click Create.

Step 3

Enter a name.

Step 4

Enable the Create an Image option.

Step 5

Select the server from which you would like to create the image.

Step 6

If you want the images to be created automatically, click Show.

  • Select the Automatic image creation option.

  • Select an Interval.

  • Enter the maximum Number of images to be stored.

Up to 50 images are stored. The oldest image is deleted once this limit is reached.

Step 7

Click Create.

Creating image. This process may take several minutes.