You can import an image or ISO image of a virtual machine for each server to use the image for a new installation on existing servers or to create new servers. Proceed as follows to import an ISO image:


You are in the section Infrastructure > Images.

You have created an image of a virtual machine. The image is bootable and is available in the file format .iso.

The file size of the image is a maximum of 500 GB.

Step 1

Click Create.

Step 2

Enter a name.

Step 3

Enable the Import an ISO option.

Step 4

Choose whether the image is of an application or an operating system.

Step 5

In the URL field, enter the URL from which the ISO image can be downloaded.

Step 6

In the Advanced Options section, click Show.

Step 7

Select the desired data center.

Step 8

Click Create.

Please note: The final size of the image is displayed in the Images section after the importing process is complete. The calculated costs are listed in the Interactive Invoice section.