Export of a MySQL5 Database to a Managed Server

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You can export MySQL databases on your managed server using the SSH shell. Using the SSH shell is an alternative to using phpMyAdmin.

Connect to your server via SSH.

You export from the command line client mysql. The following example exports a MySQL5 database to the file dump.sql.

Please note: For MySQL 5.1 databases the socket /tmp/mysql5.sock must be specified. For MySQL 5.5 databases, please omit this specification.

For MySQL 5.1:

mysqldump --host=localhost --user=dbo123456789 --password=******** -S /tmp/mysql5.sock db123456789 > dump.sql

For MySQL 5.5:

mysqldump --host=localhost --user=dbo123456789 --password=******** db123456789 > dump.sql
Parameter Description
--host= Here must stop localhost
user= Your database user name
--password= Your database password
-S /tmp/mysql5.sock Necessary for MySQL5.1 databases. If you still use MySQL4 databases, simply omit this addition.
db123456789 Your database name
dump.sql The name of the backup file to import