What is Professional Backup?

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Professional Backup is a powerful backup solution that you can add to the products Dedicated Server and Dynamic Cloud Server and Professional Backup offers you all important functions to manage the backups of your servers and virtual machines conveniently via separate backup accounts.

The number of systems to be backed up is not limited. Beyond that, there is no memory limit.

IONOS Backup Manager

The IONOS Backup Manager software is part of Professional Backup and allows you to conveniently control your backups. Backups can be started manually or automatically and configured individually. The following backups are supported:

IONOS Backup Manager for Windows IONOS Backup Manager for Linux
- Files and folders - Files and folders
- System States - MySQL Databases (MySQL 5.x)
- MSSQL databases (MSSQL 2005, 2008, 2012)  

The software is particularly characterized by its reporting functions. All backup activities are listed chronologically in the IONOS Backup Manager as well as in the IONOS Backup Manager and additionally displayed graphically. In addition, you can be informed about all backup activities by email.

Your backups are optimally protected: Your data is transmitted to the server in encrypted form and stored in the IONOS high-performance data center in encrypted form. Due to the compression method used for data transmission, the compression rate can be up to 90%, depending on the file type.

The IONOS Backup Manager uses AES-256 as its default encryption method. The following encryption methods are also supported:

  • AES-128

  • Blowfish-448

Decrypting your data is only possible with an encryption password that is known only to you.