Create a Server (Dedicated Server)

Create a Dedicated Server as follows:

Step 1

In the left menu, click Infrastructure > Servers.

Step 2

Click the down-arrow next to Create.

Step 3

Click Dedicated Server.

Step 4

Enter a server name.

Step 5

Select the desired configuration for the server.

Step 6

In the Images section, select the server operating system.

Step 7

Optional: Select any additional software required.

Step 8

Select the desired data center.

Please note: The shorter the geographical distance between your servers and your users or visitors, the shorter the loading times will be. Therefore, we recommend selecting a 1&1 IONOS data center that is located as close as possible to your users/visitors.

Please note: The following resources must be set up separately for each data center:

  • Shared storages

  • Load balancers

  • VPN

Please note: Firewall and monitoring policies can be assigned to all servers regardless of the selected 1&1 IONOS data center.

Step 9

In the Advanced Options section, click Show.

Step 10

In the Password field, enter the password for access to the server and repeat it.

Step 11

In the Firewall Policy list, select a firewall policy.

Please note: A firewall policy that enables you to access the server, the web server and Plesk is selected by default.

Step 12

In the Load Balancers list, specify whether a load balancer has to be used.

Step 13

In the Public IP list, specify whether an existing or a new public IP should be assigned to the server.

Step 14

In the Monitoring Policy list, select a monitoring policy.

Step 15

Click Create.

The server will be created.

Please note:  SMTP port 25 (outgoing) is blocked for security reasons. If you want to enable the SMTP port, please contact customer service.