Clone existing servers if you need multiple servers with the same settings or want to move an existing server to another data center. If you clone an existing server, all settings will automatically be migrated. Cloning a server makes sense, for example, when migrating a server from a test into a development phase or adding an additional server. Clone a server as follows:


You are in the section Infrastructure > Servers.

Step 1

Activate the desired server.

Step 2

At the top, click Actions > Clone.

The Clone Server window is displayed.

Step 3

Click Advanced Options.

Step 4

Select the desired data center.

Please note: The shorter the geographical distance between your servers and the users or visitors, the shorter are the loading times. To optimize the loading time, it is advisable to select a 1&1 IONOS data center, which is located as close as possible to your users and/or your visitors.

Please note: The following resources must be set up separately for each data center:

  • Shared storages

  • Load balancers

  • Private networks

  • VPN

Please note: Firewall and monitoring policies can be assigned to all servers regardless of the selected 1&1 IONOS data center.

Step 5

Click Yes.

The server will be created.