This article will show you how to reset your server to the factory default settings.


You are in the Infrastructure > Server section of the Cloud Panel.

  • Click on the desired server in the list.

  • Under Actions, click Reinstall Image.

  • In the Images section, select the operating system for the server.

Please Note

Your own images can only be used in the IONOS data center where they were created. If you want to use your own images in different data centers to create new servers, you must create at least 1 image in each IONOS data center.

Additionally, please be aware that ISO images do not contain license keys. Depending on the selected operating system, it may be necessary to enter a license key, and if so, you will need to provide it.

  • Optional: Select any additional desired software.

    • SQL Server: SQL Server is a relational database management and analysis system from Microsoft.

  • To create backups from this server, enable the Install Backup Agent option. The Backup Agent is software that is needed to create backups of your servers. Backups are managed in the Backup Console, which can be accessed in the Backup > Backup Package section.

  • In the Advanced Options section, click Show.

  • In the Password field, enter and repeat the password for accessing the server.

  • Optional: In the SSH Key section, select one or more public keys. Alternatively, you can import a new SSH key.

Please Note

Public key authentication is an authentication method that allows you to log in securely without a password. This method uses a private and a public key to authenticate users. The public key must be stored in the Cloud Panel to configure key-based authentication on the server. The public key will automatically be added to the file root/.ssh/authorized_keys. The private key is saved locally on your computer and can also be assigned a password for added security.

  • Optional: To configure your server individually after creation, insert the desired post-creation script in the User Data field.

    The script is processed and executed by cloud-init after the creation of the server. The following free software options are able to execute the scripts:


    Cloud Config
    Shell Scripts
    Text Only

    Microsoft Windows:

    Powershell Scripts
    Command Line Scripts
    Text Only

  • Click Reinstall Image.

You have successfully reinstalled an image on your server.