Reset Virtual Server to a Previous State

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For Virtual Server Linux and Virtual Server Windows

In this article you will learn how to restore your Virtual Server from a backup.

We perform daily backups of the Virtual Server (VPS). These are located on the host machines of Virtual Server and are independent of the storage space of your Virtual Servers. A full backup is performed every week, while incremental backups take place daily. With an incremental backup, only the data that has changed in relation to the previous day is backed up.


Step 1

Log into your Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Step 2

In the Container Management area, choose Maintenance.

Step 3

Click on Backups.

Step 4

Select the backup you want to restore and click Restore container.

Step 5

Confirm the reset of the server in the next step by clicking Restore.

Step 6

You will be returned to the backup overview page. Here appears a message that your desired backup will be executed in the near future. By clicking Details, you can track the backup progress. Wait until the status Completed appears there.