Setting up Iptables on Linux Virtual Server via Web Interface

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For Virtual Server

We show you how to set up the software firewall iptables on your Virtual Server Linux conveniently via the Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Since Virtual Server Linux does not have a hardware firewall, it is advisable to increase the security of the server through a software firewall. This is where the iptables included in Linux comes in. iptables allows you to filter network traffic. This allows you to ensure that your server only receives requests from the Internet that you allow.

Configuring iptables for Standard Use

Step 1

Log in to your Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Step 2

Click Firewall.

Step 3

Select the type you want to use as firewall, e.g. normal firewall mode and click Send.

Step 4

Click Add Access Rule.

Step 5

Specify the services for which your server depends on network traffic.

Firewall settings are now active. If you want to make more complex changes, you can do this using the Firewall Setup option.

Enhanced Security Using Custom Rulesets

Step 1

After logging in, click Firewall > Firewall Setup .

Step 2

To access all rules, select the Advanced firewall mode with default policy 'Remove' option. Then click Send. This mode ensures that the server will not accept packets from the Internet unless you explicitly allow it by a rule.

Step 3

You will now see a list of all the rules. Here you can specify exactly which parcels are accepted, issued and forwarded. If you want to change one of the rules, click on the link next to the rule.

Step 4

After you have made your changes to the rule, click Send.

Please note: The rule only takes effect if it is marked green in the Activated column. If this is not the case, please check the box in front of the rule and click the Activate button.