Start and Stop Virtual Server via Virtuozzo Power Panel

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For Virtual Server Linux and Windows

Learn how to Virtual Server start and stop yours with the Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Sometimes it is necessary to restart your server, for example, if you have made changes to the configuration and want to apply them. You can conveniently manage your Virtual Server (VPS) using the Virtuozzo Power Panel. All you need is an Internet browser.

Step 1

Log into the Virtuozzo Power Panel on your Virtual Server.

Step 2

Here you can see the status of your server. You also have the option of stopping or starting the server. A distinction is made between the following statuses:

  • Launch Container
  • Stop container
  • Restart container
  • stoppage

Please note: If you Virtual Server stop yours, it will shut down after two minutes. Any processes that are still running are terminated without being asked. This can lead to file system errors or data loss.