What is the Virtuozzo Power Panel?

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Your server is virtualized using Virtuozzo virtualization software. The Virtuozzo Power Panel provides you with basic services for managing your Virtual Servers.

  • For example, you can start, stop, or reboot the server directly from the Virtuozzo Power Panel.

  • You use snapshots to create backups of the entire server.

    Please note: The Snapshot feature is not available on Virtual Server with Virtuozzo Power Panel 4!

  • Statistics give you an overview of the resources used by the system. You receive information about the memory consumption, the load, the number of processes or the volume of data.

  • Virtual Server Linux: If your server does not start, the Virtuozzo Power Panel gives you the so-called Repair Mode. Once activated, a special system is started in your Virtual Server that you can use to analyze your system.