SSL Certificate Has Status "Security Check Failed" or "Certificate Generation failed"

When setting up an SSL Certificate, an order is requested from GeoTrust. GeoTrust performs automatic security checks for each order to ensure that no dubious orders are requested.

For example, the domains assigned to the SSL certificates are checked for brand names. Orders that do not pass these checks will be blocked and the corresponding SSL certificate will not be issued.

In the management view of the IONOS SSL Certificates of the IONOS Domain Center, every SSL certificate that did not pass the security check is marked with a warning icon and has the status Security Check Failed or Certificate Generation Failed.

Unlock Certificate

There are two ways to unblock an SSL Certificate blocked by GeoTrust:

  • Unassign the blocked SSL Certificate and assign it to another domain, or

  • Contact the customer service of the responsible certification body (see below for contact information). In this case you will have to provide the order number (OrderID), which you can find here:

For GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium or GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium Wildcard certificates, contact GeoTrust Customer Service as follows:

Please note: IONOS cannot change the status of an SSL certificate blocked by GeoTrust.