SSL Starter Certificate Setup Failure

If the setup of the SSL Starter certificate runs into an error, please note the following:

DigiCert does not support this certificate. Therefore, pay attention to the contents of the error message. There you will find hints for problem solving. Possible causes are:


  • The certification authority (DigiCert) was unable to complete the DNS or file-based validation for your domain.
    If you use DNS-based validation, it is possible that the DNS entry created for this purpose cannot yet be retrieved by the certification authority due to the way DNS works. If this may be the case, please try again later.
    If you use file-based validation and have changed the IP address of your domain, you must first reset the settings of your domain. This may also be necessary if you previously disconnected your domain from a product managed by IONOS. You can then complete the SSL certificate setup.
  • Your order could not be completed because the security audit performed by the certification authority (Symantec) failed. This often happens if the domain name contains registered brand names or sensitive keywords. If you receive this error, please contact the IONOS Customer Support.
  • Your order could not be completed because the contact details in your IONOS account are incomplete or incorrect. Please check their contact details in IONOS and try again.