Assign a Domain to SiteLock

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For WebHosting contracts with booked SiteLock basic or premium option

To assign SiteLock to the desired domain.

With SiteLock we offer you a powerful security tool for checking your website.

Please note: Once you have assigned a domain to a SiteLockpackage, this link can only be changed once. For other domains you can order new SiteLock-packages in the IONOS Shop order.

Step 1

Log into the IONOS and select the required contract.

Step 2

Click Hosting.

step 3

In the Optimize and expand area, select SiteLock for more security.

Step 4

Click Change website for SiteLockpackage.

Step 5

Select the domain which should no longer be protected with SiteLock and click Next.

Step 6

Set a dot at the domain to be fixed to SiteLock and click Confirm. The domain is then immediately assigned to a free SiteLockpackage.