Performing Website Security Scans with SiteLock

For Web Hosting Contracts with SiteLock Basic or Premium

You can perform several scans for your website at once with SiteLock and increase the security for your website and its visitors. It's easy to start a new scan at any time, and we'll show you how to do it below.

Please Note

If you are using SiteLock for the first time and still need to assign SiteLock to a domain, please see the article Assigning a Domain to SiteLock instead.

Guided Steps

  • Log in to IONOS.
  • Click on the Hosting icon.

  • If you have more than one hosting contract, select the contract in which you want to perform the desired action.
  • Click the Open button in the SiteLock tile.
  • Now, click Start Full Scan for the desired domain.

You can perform a scan either daily with SiteLock Premium or monthly with SiteLock Basic. If you aren't sure how long it has been since the last scan, you can check the Last Full Scan date in the bottom-left corner.