Changing from Safe Mode to a Standard Application

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For IONOS Hosting Linux packages

You want even more flexibility for your application? Then you can easily switch from Safe mode to a standard application at any time. Your contents and settings are retained. For example, you need a standard application if you want to install any external plug-ins or make changes to the code.

Please note:

  • After the change you are responsible for updating your application yourself!

  • It is not possible to switch back to Safe Mode after changing to Standard!
  • Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.
  • Click in the left navigation on App Center and then switch to To Default for the Safe Mode application you want to use.
  • Confirm the dialog by clicking Switch to default.
  • Enter the required data in the installation and application settings.
  • Create a new database or select an existing database
    .newbie data base The easiest way is to create a new database. Enter a description text (this will be displayed later as information in the database overview in IONOS) and select a password
    .Existing database The table prefix cannot be changed and is for your information only. This does not restrict the function of your application.
  • Select the directory in which you want to install the application and save the required files.

  • Check the summary of your settings and click Switch to default.