Frequently Asked Questions about Click & Build Applications

For IONOS Linux Hosting and Managed Server packages

In this article, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers about Click & Build applications for you.

What is Click & Build?

With Click & Build, you can install web applications (CMSes) with a few clicks in your IONOS account directly in your webspace.

Your advantage: You save the cumbersome installation process via FTP download, FTP upload and database setup so you can just fully concentrate on building your websites. In addition, our hosting experts have combined the most popular apps with useful plug-ins and themes to make it even easier to get started with your web projects.

You can install Click & Build applications under the following conditions:

  • Click & Build Applications are only available in Linux packages
  • The package must include PHP
  • The package must have an available database slot
  • If the package is a Managed Server, it must be from the current series (starting August 2015)

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What apps are available?

For Click & Build, you can choose from numerous open source web applications. Among the most popular are: WordPress, Joomla!, TYPO3, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWiki and Prestashop. You can find more information about the apps and their best uses under Web Hosting Package Overview.

Can I set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for my Click & Build website?

Of course, you can improve the performance of your website by setting up a CDN. The procedure is described in detail here.

The maximum number of Click & Build installations has been exceeded - What can I do?

Larger packages have a higher number of simultaneously usable Click & Build applications. You can change packages at any time if needed, giving you access to more applications installed at the same time.

    Why can't I install any Click & Build applications in my Windows package?

    Our Click & Build feature is based on Linux and is therefore only available in the Linux packages. If you want to use Click & Build, you can switch to a Linux package.

    Please note: If you change from Windows to Linux, all data in your contract will be lost. It is your own responsibility to make a backup before switching. This includes, for example, databases, page content, projects from the Website Builder, etc.

    Can I secure my Click & Build website using SSL?

    Yes, it doesn't matter if you created your website with Click & Build or otherwise. To set up an SSL Certificate for use with your website, see Setting Up an SSL Certificate Managed by IONOS.

    I can't find the domain I want to link to my website.

    • Make sure that the desired domain is in the same package as the app. If the desired domain is in another package, you can move it to the right one. The procedure is described in the articles Moving domains within IONOS packages (with the same customer number), or Moving domains within IONOS packages (with different customer numbers).
    • After a new registration or a domain transfer it can take up to 48 hours until the domain becomes visible.

    Who can I contact if I have any legal questions?

    Please contact the manufacturer of the app in question or a lawyer. Links to the manufacturer pages can be found in the App Center on the detail page of the respective app.

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