Deploy Now: Supported Technologies and Scope of Customer Service

In this article, we will inform you about the hosting technologies supported by Deploy Now and the scope of customer service offered by IONOS.

Customer Service

You can contact us at any time through a message from the Deploy Now dashboard if you need assistance. You will receive a timely response by email. You can see which services are included in your Deploy Now membership in the table below.

Concern Support?
Questions about the Deploy Now user interface Yes
Questions about deploying a sample project provided by IONOS Yes
Questions about domain linking and SSL deployment Yes
Issues with the interaction between Deploy Now and another service provided by IONOS Yes
General questions about setting up and using GitHub or GitHub Actions No
General questions about implementing the site No

Supported Technologies

Deploy Now supports static websites based on HTML, CSS, PHP, or Javascript. This includes Javascript frameworks like React, Vue.js, and Angular JS. In addition, Deploy Now lets you use static website generators such as Gridsome, Metalsmith, Hugo, Jekyll, Jigsaw, Nuxt JS, Nest.js, Hexo, 11ty, and Gatsby. Deploy Now does not currently support the use of databases.

Feature Comparison with Web Hosting
Feature Webhosting Deploy Now
Performance Level Yes No
CDN Optional No
SSL Yes Yes
Daily Backup Yes Code Versioning in GitHub
DDoS Protection Yes Yes
Georedundancy Yes Yes
MySQL databases Yes No
WebAnalytics Yes No
SiteScan Yes No
1-Click Installations Yes No
SFTP Access Yes No
WebspaceExplorer Yes No
Git(Hub) workflows No Yes
Staging Environments No Yes
Continuous Deployment No Yes