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Valid for Online Stores ordered before 09/20/2017

You need the price list to offer customer-specific prices and discounts, e.g. discounts for new or regular customers.

Please note: In the price list, you select the customers or customer groups and define the validity period and, if necessary, a shopping basket discount.
You define the (customer-specific) prices in the product to which you assign the price list.

To create a price list:

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

Step 2

In the Online Marketing area, click on Online Store.

Step 3

Click Manage Online Store.

Step 4

Select Products > Price lists from the main menu.

Step 5

To create a price list, enter the following at the end of the table:

  • an internal identifier under which the price list is stored

  • A name for the price list (optional)

  • the currency

  • The validity period

Then click on Save.

Step 6

To set up the new price list, click on the label.

Step 7

Assign the customers for whom you want to offer specific prices or discounts:

  • To assign customer groups, click on the tab Customer Groups. Select the customer group and then click Save.

  • To assign individual customers, click on the Customers tab. Click Assign customers. Select the customers and click Apply. Then click on Save.

Please note: You must assign at least one customer group or one customer to the price list.
You cannot assign customer groups or customers that have already been assigned to another price list for the same period.

Step 8

If you want to offer a shopping cart discount to customers, click on the Shopping Cart Discount tab and enter the following:

  • Minimum amount of the shopping basket from which customers receive the discount

  • Absolute value or percentage of the price that customers receive as a discount

Click on Save.

Please note: The shopping cart discount refers to the sums of the products. Costs for shipping and payment are not included in the calculation.

Step 9

If you want customers to see the prices valid for them in your online shop, select Products > Price lists from the main menu.
Click on the Advanced Settings tab. Activate the option Consider quantity and value discounts based on the price lists. Then click on Save.

Please note: Using this option can affect the display speed of the pages.