Using the Online Store Administration Area

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Valid for e-shops ordered before 20.09.2017.

We show you how to use the Online Store administration area.

In the administration area you can set up your Online Store and change the settings.

Prerequisite:You have completed the initial setup of the Online Store.

First start in the First Steps section to define the most important settings of your Online Store. You can then make further settings via the menu bar.

First Steps

The Getting Started section guides you through the main settings.
Steps that have already been completed are highlighted in green and marked with a tick.

menu bar

You can make the following settings in your Online Store via the menu bar:

  • Management of orders, customers and products

  • Maintenance of content and categories of the e-shop

  • Design and marketing of the e-shop

  • Configuration of further settings

If you move the mouse pointer over one of the menu items, in most cases further sub-items will be displayed. Under Settings, for example, you can adjust the shipping and payment methods.