Changing the Design of MyWebsite

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For the Website Builder and MyWebsite

Choose your design from thousands of premade templates that you can easily customize with a few clicks.

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Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Log in to your MyWebsite.

  • On the main menu, click Design.

  • Select a category. You have the following options:
    - Enter your industry in the search field
    - Click on the desired category
    - Scroll with the mouse until you see the desired design

  • To switch between designs, click the arrows at the top and bottom

  • Click on seLECT DESIGN.

  • Choose how you want to apply the new design by clicking on the respective tile:
    - Your content remains exactly the same and the new design is applied.
    - Your content remains exactly the same and the new design as well as text and image suggestions from the design template are added.

If you don't like the design you selected, you can simply undo it at the top of the toolbar.