Changing Your Joomla! Website to a Click & Build Application

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If you want to change your provider or contract and transfer your existing website to an Click & Build application, proceed
as follows:

  • You have access to the source and target contract.
  • The Joomla! installation in the original contract is still intact, i.e. all files and database contents needed to run the website are still available.
Step 1

Backup the corresponding MySQL database in your existing contract via your phpMyAdmin as described in this manual.

Hint: If the Joomla! website is not hosted on IONOS and there is no phpMyAdmin tool available, please ask your provider whether you can create the backup using SSH or a PHP script.


Step 2

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract.

step 3

In the Hosting section, click App Center.

Step 4

Install the Joomla! Click & Build application. If you already have your domain in the new contract, you can specify it during installation. Otherwise it is best to use a free domain or subdomain for testing. How the installation works with a few clicks, we show you in this manual.

Step 5

Open phpMyAdmin.

Step 6

Then import your database backup with phpMyAdmin into the new contract. The backup must not exceed a maximum of 50 MiB. The alternative for the import would be: via SSH or PHP script.

The following steps are only necessary for a database import via SSH or script:

In order to be able to import the database, you must read out the password that was assigned automatically during installation. Connect to the web space via FTP program. In the directory /clickandbuilds/Title of the website is a file named configuration.php. Select the file and open it with the right mouse button. Now you can simply copy the password. You can simply read the remaining data in the IONOS off.

Step 7

Now back up your Joomla! directory to your old contract. Find the directory on your webspace where the Joomla! installation is located.

Download the folder with an FTP program and save the data on your PC.


Step 8

Open the folder you just downloaded and locate the file configuration.php. Please move them out of the folder so that we do not upload them to the new contract later. The data for the database connection is entered in the configuration.php and you would then overwrite the existing configuration.php when uploading into the new contract.

Step 9

In the new contract, import the previously saved data to the web space in the directory: /clickandbuilds/Title of the website via FTP program. In the title of the website, please enter the name entered during the Click & Build installation.

Step 10

You have now made it and can access your website again via your browser.