Migrating Your Joomla! Website to a 1-Click Installation

For Joomla! 3.x and Joomla! 4.x

If you want to change your provider or contract and transfer your existing website to a 1-click installation of Joomla!, simply follow the instructions below.

    • You have access to the source and target contracts.
    • The Joomla! installation in the source contract is still intact, i.e. all files and database contents are still available, which are needed to run the website.
    • Back up the MySQL database associated with your website through phpMyAdmin.
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    Please Note

    If the Joomla! website is not hosted at IONOS and there is no phpMyAdmin tool available there, please check with your provider to see if you can create a backup using SSH or with a PHP script.

    • Install Joomla! as a 1-click installation in your webspace.
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    • Open phpMyAdmin.
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    • Import your database backup with phpMyAdmin into your new/destination contract.
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    • Backup your Joomla! directory in your old contract. To do this, locate the directory in your webspace where the Joomla! installation is located and download the folder to your PC using an FTP program.

    • Open the downloaded folder and locate the configuration.php file.

    • Move the configuration.php file from the downloaded folder to another directory.


    If you do not move the configuration.php from the folder, later when you upload it to the new contract, it will overwrite the current configuration.php. This would result in your website not being accessible in the new contract.
    As an alternative to moving it, you can also delete the configuration.php from the downloaded folder. However, we recommend that you create a backup copy beforehand to be on the safe side. This way, you will still have access to the login details of the database in the old contract if necessary.

    • In the new contract, import the previously saved data to the webspace in the directory: /clickandbuilds/title of website with an FTP program. For "Title of the website" please enter the name entered during the 1-click installation.

    The process is now complete, and you can open your website again through your browser as you did previously.